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Yamaha Mio Fino and Mio J in Indonesia

Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) began marketing the Fino and Mio Mio J on Friday (03/02/2012). Yamaha optimistic to meet the needs of consumers who are interested in these two variants.

For on the road in Jakarta and surrounding areas, prices and Mio Mio Sporty Fino Fino Fino Fashion Classic Rp13.500.000 while Mio USD 13.65 million. A Mio-FI priced at Rp11.990.000, Mio CW J-FI price Rp12.800.000, Mio CW Teen J-FI for Rp12.930.000.

Beginning this February Mio Fino delivery in all areas of Indonesia as much as 20,000 units and 32 300 units for Mio J. Yamaha DDS Region 1 (Greater Jakarta, Banten, Cikarang) became the first area for delivery Mio Mio Fino and J so that consumers in areas that can directly buy it on February 3. Delivery Mio Fino into a number of areas DDS 4400 J Mio unit and there are 7800 units.

Before officially launched to the market, some consumers have been doing for the purchase of the Mio Fino indent when I saw the display DDS 1.

"Because many are interested, we finally made the data name and contact number to call. So when they had no orders, just to follow-up. Most of the desire Mio Sporty Fino and the message that male consumers, "said Johannes BMS, Chief Marketing DDS Greater Jakarta.

Image taken from Yamaha Mio Fino Facebook Fans. I wish you can download the wallpaper of this unique motorcycle. THanks for your visit.




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