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SEO techniques 2012

Content creation:
Google is to avoid duplication of books, I always prefer fresh content. It, it's important that you create yourself some new useful content.

Social Media:
This is the most important way to generate natural traffic, and we are primary care, "the opposite of reality," "very important back links" good points and that it should be contacts.The We recommend that you generate.

Only the effect of indexing and cross-linking several points of index-related fabrics Indexation.Here only related to the search engines rank pages index.It to get the best search for any variation engine.The :
>> Nature and fresh templates and navigation
>> Active title and meta tag rewriting (nice trick).
>> [Back] to the rights available in the link

Crawl Frequency:
Only the number of frequencies (frequency) to refer to the index by search engines or content of the frequency of a particular site is updated or crawel simple logic site.As specific content to the authorities of the domain and it efficiently.

Parameters plays an important role in the band index and links more effective. In addition,

Real-time Search:
Google has announced a real-time search results from various sources, and add the results to the main Twitter search on a regular basis. You may see a section scrollable search results page of Google. That's it. Google News is also the result of, for example, will be displayed there. Like a combination of old and new search function.

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