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Smadav rev 8.6 is the best local antivirus

Incidentally some time ago I asked for help by a friend at work to clean up his own 2 pieces of flash disk. Without hesitation I immediately plug the flash disk on my computer the room which must have installed the latest smadav rev 8.6.
Once usb read on a computer, then viruses, worms and malware directly read perfectly. The amount is also unsparing about 10.000an virus contained in the flash disk. I patiently waited until the finish, when finished it I immediately press the clean on this antivirus application. Immediately then the viruses directly clean thoroughly. Please see the screenshot below that shows the many viruses that rev 8.6 smadav unreadable by this.


2011-07-20 11h41_14

Download smadav rev 8.6 July 2011 in here……

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